We were honored to receive the 1st prize at the annual Advertisement of the Year 2013 Gala, Online Campaign category with this film.

The case was to build the image of IT services company Anders Innovations and reach new prospective employees in a recruitment campaign. We wanted to relate to something that the target audience would feel is “them”, that they can feel Anders Innovations is speaking their language. Something that makes talented IT professionals feel that Anders understands them. And something worth sharing online to friends. We also wanted to show the actual people working at Anders and their spirit.

What would we do: Take the spirit of the iconic Matrix movie phone call scene that everybody in IT business has seen and recognizes, and turn the scene into an action-filled recruitment story! And we made it interactive – we wanted to engage the audience, and in a playful way, already jump into making the decision to changing careers (n.b. the interactive part does not work with iPad and iPhone).

The campaign was a success: after the campaign, Anders Innovations has been one of the fastest growing IT service companies in Finland – a whopping +1700% growth between 2013 and 2015!


Anders Innovations




1st prize, Advertisement of the Year 2013, Online Campaign

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