Established 2008 to produce the highest-quality emotion-filled marketing films and motion pictures.
The marketing films are produced by New Dawn Productions and our motion pictures by New Dawn Films.

Our promise to only create successful productions. You are welcome to join us finalizing and polishing the production for as long as you see necessary. And if you feel like it, we’ll even re-take a shooting day if needed. Guaranteed.

New Dawn’s American-born director Paul J. Vogel has a track record for producing films for both Finnish market for the national broadcasting company YLE, and for the American audience. Paul’s formal background is a degree in film production from the Arts Academy, Turku University of Applied Sciences.

We have a tried and experienced crew to produce your films, with whom we can deliver you cinematic films starting in budgets of thousands, not tens of thousands, of euros. Our equipment is of world-class digital cinema quality with Red Epic X camera and high-quality on-site & studio sound.

Read below about the people at New Dawn or see examples of our Work.

Management & Creative Lead

Creative Director, CEO
+358 50 4311000 /

American-born Paul J. Vogel (former Helin) is at the helm of New Dawn, being both the creative director and the CEO. He was one of the people founding New Dawn back in 2008.

Paul is very approachable and relaxing company, and he’s extremely talented in bringing out the feelings of people in front of camera. His vision is always founded on the story to be told, not compromising the visuals, in which his style varies between cinematic storytelling with directed light, and enjoyable colorful well-lit scenes. He holds a film production bachelor degree from the Turku University of Applied Sciences Arts Academy and will in 2016 start master’s studies in Los Angeles, University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts.

Project Manager, Creative Producer
+358 40 5203887 /

Having founded New Dawn together with director Paul J. Vogel back in 2008, Heikki is the person of creativity behind the ideas and scripts behind of the award-winning productions of New Dawn Productions and the scripts of the films by New Dawn Films.

In addition to working with clients and scripts, Heikki supervises all sound and music production in all of New Dawn’s productions.

Producer, Director
+358 44 3344997 /

Jirka has been working as a producer New Dawn Productions and in New Dawn Films from the very beginning. Before New Dawn, Jirka started his career working in the crew of TV documentaries and sports productions on television. Jirka holds a film production degree from the Turku University of Applied Sciences Arts Academy.

Jirka’s work history includes producing and line-producing the films of New Dawn, being responsible for running most of the advertisement film projects and directing some of them as well.