Turning hurry and worry into comforting peace.

New Dawn is producing a touching and captivating video series for Finnish Brain Association about brain strokes. This part is about Thrombolytic Therapy.

The target: The campaign is part of Yksi Elämä (“Only one life”) programme, promoting healthy ways of living. This specific film serves to convince the family of the people suffering from a stroke of the quality and process of the care.

Our solution: Our task is not only to distribute information, it’s also to help with the feelings that they audience is going through. When hit by a brain stroke, there’s great urgency and hurry and worry.
This is why we chose to do the opposite: We filmed a staged care process with real, convincing professionals, but we would slow down the visuals, slow down the story, slow down the world of sound. We comfort the audience and make them feel “it’s allright, don’t worry“. And the result is truly captivating.


Finnish Brain Association



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