Out of The Blue

We are proud to be working with The Finnish Brain Association in their Yksi Elämä (“Only One Life”) programme, promoting healthy ways of living. This film is one of the films in the series that we have produced for them about stroke (brain attack).

The message that we wanted to tell is how unexpected and life-changing a stroke can be – to people of all different ages. We also wanted to tell people what is it like to live with the disease – and how to recover to new life!

The solution could have been an ordinary infomercial. But The Finnish Brain Association wanted to tell this via personal stories in a way that makes you both think and feel – and that’s exactly how it should be done.

The launch was with a twist: The beginning of the film was built to first resemble a story about falling in love, and it was launched nation-wide on Valentine’s Day weekend 2016, screening in all cinemas before every film shown in Finnkino theaters, accompanied by an intensive online launch.

The film is available in Finnish only.


The Finnish Brain Association / Yksi Elämä Programme



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