We care for the impact

To stand out, you have to touch your audience emotionally and relate to their true interests.

To succeed in this, all your video content have to make people feel something, and tell stories that arise from the personal experience of your audience. Even in information-based content marketing, be it as ordinary as healthcare information and meal recipes, you should connect to your audience to increase the impact:
– tell personal stories which make people feel emotions
– relate to icons and values from the very core of your audience’s life

Be bold! An emotional message drives people three times stronger than pure information – and it makes the content worth sharing to friends. This is where we have award-winning expertise.

Cinematic productions

We produce high-quality, cinematic films for advertising, content marketing and communications:
– online and TV advertising films
– a series of films for content marketing and communications
– mini documentaries telling captivating stories about your business

You’ll get these in a turn-key service, from idea to script to production and finished film. Working together with you every step on the way.

Whatever we produce, we will always work with you to make work it beyond plain information: Make it matter to the audience via emotions or finding the ingenious way to relate to the life of your audience. To make it important to your audience. To make you stand out.

If you need help with launching your campaign, we will match you with the best of companies specialising in online video marketing.

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